“Fear walks big and fat and fine. Fear has really got the whammy on all of us down here. Oh it’s true, man. Sister, don’t kid yourself . . . One of these days I’m going to walk right up to fear. I’m going to walk right up. Someone’s got to do it. I’m going to walk right up and say, Okay, hard-on. No more of this. You’ve pushed us around for long enough. Here is someone who would not take it. It’s over. Outside. Bullies, I’m told, are all cowards deep down. Fear is a bully, but something tells me that fear is no funker. Fear, I suspect, is really incredibly brave. Fear will lead me straight through the door, will prop me up in the alley among the crates and the empties, and show me who’s the boss … Now I come to think about it, maybe I’d better let fear be. When it comes to fighting, I’m brave — or reckless or indifferent or just unjust. But fear really scares me. He’s too good at fighting and I’m too frightened anyway.” ~ Martin Amis